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Red Bank Charter School

58 Oakland Street,  Red Bank, NJ  07701 
Office: 732-450-2092    Fax: 732-936-1923



All administrators and teachers are  certified in Sheltered English Instruction




Name Position Email
Kristen Martello, Ed.D Head of School
Ida West-Jones Director of Academics and Curriculum
David P. Block Business Administrator


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Position Code Email
Katherine Herman Pre-K
Jessica Hansen Pre-K
Spanish Grades 5-8
Mina Rodriguez Pre-K
Sarah Bucknor Pre-K
Michelle Fogerty Kindergarten     
Sherry Delgado

Spanish Grades K-4
Colleen Shandrey Grade 1
Heather Grieb Grade 1
Julisa Frazier Grade 2
Angela Sopkiewicz Grade 2 & 3
Patricia Pal Grade 3
Siobhan Stratton Grade 3
Prabha Minupuri Grade 4
Molly Wagner
Grade 4
Joseph Scolaro

Grade 5 Homeroom

Grades 5-6 Math/Science
Brenda Conni

Grade 5 Homeroom

Grades 5-6 Math/Science

STEM Grades K-8
Anastasia Horner Grade 6 Homeroom
Grades 5-6 ELA/Social Studies
Elana Pamm

Grade 6 Homeroom

Special Education
Lauren Good
Grade 7 Homeroom       


Grades 7-8 ELA/Social Studies


Gifted & Talented
Rebecca Porskievies

Grade 7 Homeroom

Grades 7-8 ELA/Social Studies

Financial Literacy
Nevin Mathis
Grade 8 Homeroom        Grades 7-8 Math/Science
Mike Krug

Grade 8 Homeroom            

Grades 7-8 Math/Science
Matthew Strippoli

School Culture Coordinator/Counselor

Grades 5-6 ELA/Social Studies
Jayne Moran ESL & BSI
John Chestman PE/Health
Ellen Herman Librarian
Concetta Jamele Art
Anna-Marina Ackerson Nurse  
Jennifer Durrua Speech Language Therapist
Nancy Power Occupational Therapist
Jill Socha Social Worker
Sue Bransley Wilson
Pat Dunphy Physical Therapist
Sujata Bhagavathula School Psychologist
Nisha Didi LDTC


Name Position Email
Theresa Shirley Business Manager
Jesabel Cruz Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Gray Secretary
Margaret Giglio Kitchen Coordinator/Bus Driver
Mike Woods Building Maintenance
Chuck Miller Building Maintenance

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